Monday, January 9, 2017

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I told you to check here to see what you will need to work on if there was no school.  Today, I want you to be safe, and enjoy your day.  When you return, we will continue with our review in attempts to best prepare you for your NCFE next week.  

Monday, January 2, 2017

This week, we will begin our prepping for the NCFE you will take in a couple of weeks. It is important that you are active in your studying for this exam.  It counts toward your final grade, which should be very important to you.  We have been tasked with learning the entire history of the world in less than 90 day!! It is nearly impossible, so there are many things we have not covered in depth (or at all).  Below are links to documents and resources you can use to study.  Some of these will be covered in class, but you need to take it upon yourself to study on your own time!

  • Global History and Geography Prep Pack:  A great resource that covers in outline form many topics we have not gotten to in order to give you a little knowledge of what we are talking about.
  • World History Cram Packet:  I have given each of you a booklet to keep with you during class and to use as a study guide.  Take notes and don't lose it!
  • World History EOC Review Prezi:  Found under the "Links to Prezi" tab.  We will be going over this, but make sure you pay attention and review to help you study.
  • NC Released Test Prezi:  Found under the "Links to Prezi" tab, this has actual test questions for you to review.
  • Daily MC Quizzes:  During our review, you will take multiple choice quizzes daily to test your knowledge of what we have covered as well as your ability to answer MC questions.  Eliminate wrong answers and look for clues to choose correct ones.  You have been doing this since 3rd grade!  These can all be found under the "Tests/Quizzes" tab.
  • CrashCourse World History:  CrashCourse is available on Youtube.  A great way to cover major concepts in 10-15 minutes
  • CrashCourse World History 2:  Still John Green. Still World History.  Taught by concept and not by topic.
  • Quizlet will have lists of terms, concepts and ideas that you can find by doing a search for "World History exam review".
  • Unit Reviews (for exam):  This folder has unit reviews for each standard, sample multiple choice questions, and a list of key words per topic.
  • Released Tests
  • Test Taking Tips:  Many tips and tricks to help you study and take tests.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 16: Industrial Revolution

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This week you will be reading about the Industrial Revolution and learning what it was like to live during this time period.  Here is your "to-do" list to complete before you leave for Christmas Vacation!!  All links to questions and textbook can be found under the Assignments tab.

  • Turn in 25.1 Beginning of Industrialization
  • Read and Complete 25.2 Industrialization
  • Read and Compete 25.3 Industrialization Spreads
  • Read and Complete 25.4 Reforming the Industrial World
  • Complete Industrial Revolution Test
  • Watch: Filthy Cities - Industrial New York

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Week 15: Age of Exploration

This week we will wrap up the Renaissance and look into how its new knowledge led to a movement to explore the world.  We will finally talk about this side of the world!!

Vocabulary (Definitions)

  1. Leif Eriksson
  2. Henry the Navigator
  3. Astrolabe
  4. Caravel
  5. Christopher Columbus
  6. Ferdinand Magellan
  7. Circumnavigate
  8. Columbian Exchange
  9. Conquistadors
  10. Encomienda System
  11. Plantations
  12. Protestants
  13. Spanish Armada
  14. Northwest Passage
  15. Charter
  16. Immune
  17. Middle Passage
  18. African Diaspora
Yes, there are more words this week, but we are getting down to the end of the semester, and these are things you need to know!!

  • Test on High Middle Ages and Renaissance
  • Complete definitions
  • Pretest for exploration.
  • Europeans Set Sail (Lesson One)
  • Complete Sentences
Wednesday (Early Release)
  • Test Corrections
  • Ketchup
  • Complete Pictures
  • Europeans Reach The Americas (Lesson Two)
  • Complete Synonyms
  • Spain Builds an Empire (Lesson Three)
  • Vocab Notebooks Due
  • Vocab Quiz

Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas Ornament Review!!

Here are some examples of past ornaments.  Pick any topic and make the best ornament you can!! I can't wait to see what you come up with!!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week 14: Renaissance, Reformation and Absolutism

We will continue to learn about the changes that happened in Europe during the Renaissance this week.  Begin class by defining your vocabulary words using your book.

Watch these as you fill in your notes for 13.3!!!

Week 14: Renaissance, Reformation and Absolutism

  1. Indulgences
  2. Diet
  3. Predestination
  4. Theocracy
  5. Sect
  6. Canonize
  7. Compromise
  8. Ghetto
  9. Heliocentric
  10. Scientific Method
Monday: You will need a copy of the notes to fill in as I go over them with you.  Click HERE to listen! You will also need to read The Reformation in order to answer the questions on the back of your notes.  Turn in the whole set of papers when you are done.
*If you did not finish 13.2, do this FIRST!!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 12: Medieval Wrap Up

This week will conclude our discussions on the Medieval Ages and we will begin discussing the Renaissance.  You will have a test on Thursday and vocabulary quiz on focus!!

Week 12: Medieval Part 3

  1. Confronted
  2. Diverse
  3. Domain
  4. Flying Buttresses
  5. Gothic Style
  6. Holy Roman Empire
  7. Inquisition
  8. Parliament
  9. Reconquista
Monday:  8.3 The Crusades

  • Daily Question: Choose two words from your first vocabulary set and write sentences to explain what it means.
Tuesday: 8.5 A Time for Crisis

  • Daily Question:  Pick two pictures from the black board and explain what they are.
Wednesday: Mankind: The Story of All of Us - Plague; Reading Activity

  • Daily Question:  Pick two words from your second vocabulary set and write sentences to explain what it means.
Thursday:  High Middle Ages Test

  • Daily Question: What would happen to you if you got the Bubonic Plague?
Friday: 13.1 The Renaissance in Italy 

  • Daily Question: Pick two words from your third vocabulary set and write sentences to explain what it means.
  • Vocabulary Due and Quiz