Week 4: China and Greece

Another busy, busy week as we continue to learn about Ancient Civilizations!!  This week, we will wrap up our studies of Ancient India and China.  We will also begin to learn more about Ancient Greece.  

Week 4: China and Greece Quizlet

MissionaryLoessFeudalismFilial PietyTrojan WarFrescoMonarchyOligarchyDirect democracyOstracismCivil ServantAcupuncture*Your vocabulary charts are due and you will have a vocabulary quiz on Friday!!*
Monday, September 18 Standard Daily Question:  How does Buddhism differ from Hinduism? (This week's paper will be titled "Daily Questions 9.22")Vocabulary:  Make sure you have AT LEAST words 1-4 completed.3.3 Powerful Empires of India:  Prezi:  Ancient India and China (116-186)...Guided NotesLink to the textbook if you want to read over this information as well.On a blank sheet of paper, write and answer the following questions:How did Chandragupta organize Mauryan government?Describe the major life change of Asoka.How do you think trade helped l…

Week 3: Ancient India (Hinduism/Buddhism)

Week 3: Ancient India (Hinduism/Buddhism)     Quizlet
QUIZ SubcontinentAtmanMokshaReincarnationKarmaDharmaAhimsaCasteNirvanaDowryEightfold PathFour Noble Truths*Your vocabulary lists are due on FRIDAY. You are expected to make a three column chart.  Column One:  WordColumn Two:  DefinitionColumn Three:  Picture (you draw this based upon something that will help you remember the meaning)Monday, September 11 Standard Daily Question:  How did religion and learning play an important role in Ancient Egypt? 2.5 Roots of Judaism Prezi: Ancient Middle East and Egypt (174-216)Guided NotesPsalm 23Twelve Tribes of Israel MapHonors Daily Question:  How did the worship of only one God shape Judaism?   Chapters 1/2 Assessment 9/11
Tuesday, September 12 Standard Daily Question:  How did the worship of only one God shape Judaism? Chapters 1/2 Assessment 9/11
Honors Daily Question:  How do you feel about your test?  How will you better prepare next week? 3.1 Early Civilizations of Indian and Pakistan Prezi: Ancient Indi…

Week 2: Ancient Middle East and Egypt

This week, we will cover information about the early civilizations throughout the world.  We will begin with the Ancient Sumerians and end the week with the roots of Judaism (and a little Ancient Egypt in the middle!).  We have several different activities to complete, so everyone should find something they find interesting!  One week down, a whole bunch more to go!!!

If you are still confused about Bull Pride and lunches, maybe this can help!

IF you have a class on the Multipurpose Hall, ME, Science, English (Yearbook), Music or Art:
Go to LUNCH after second block, then go to class.IF you have Math, PE, a CTE class, or Spanish: Go to CLASS after second block, then go to lunch.Tuesday:  Second Block Wednesday:  First Block Thursday: Third Block Friday:  Fourth Block Next week things will settle down and it will begin to make more sense!
Week 2: Ancient Middle East and Egypt     Quizlet Fertile CrescentMesopotamiaCuneiformCodifyDeltaDynastyBureaucracyHieroglyphicsMummificationDecipherMonotheisti…

Week One: Hello and Intro

I am extremely excited to have you in my class this semester! I look forward to delving into World History and learning about all the amazing people who have walked this Earth before us!

But...before we can do any of that, we need to get some housekeeping things out of the way.

Please begin the class by completing today's Daily Question.  On a blank sheet of paper, write the question (in this case the beginning of a sentence) and then complete it.  Keep up with this paper, because we will be adding to it and turning in for a grade on Friday.

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This week, we will be reviewing different geographical locations throughout the world.  I have activities planned that will help you familiarize yourself with the areas we will be discussing soon.  We will also begin learning about the origins of civilization and how our history actually began.

Monday, August 28
Daily Question:  What is one thing you are excited to learn about in World…
I told you to check here to see what you will need to work on if there was no school.  Today, I want you to be safe, and enjoy your day.  When you return, we will continue with our review in attempts to best prepare you for your NCFE next week.
This week, we will begin our prepping for the NCFE you will take in a couple of weeks. It is important that you are active in your studying for this exam.  It counts toward your final grade, which should be very important to you.  We have been tasked with learning the entire history of the world in less than 90 day!! It is nearly impossible, so there are many things we have not covered in depth (or at all).  Below are links to documents and resources you can use to study.  Some of these will be covered in class, but you need to take it upon yourself to study on your own time!

Global History and Geography Prep Pack:  A great resource that covers in outline form many topics we have not gotten to in order to give you a little knowledge of what we are talking about.World History Cram Packet:  I have given each of you a booklet to keep with you during class and to use as a study guide.  Take notes and don't lose it!World History EOC Review Prezi: Found under the "Links to Prezi&quo…

Week 16: Industrial Revolution

This week you will be reading about the Industrial Revolution and learning what it was like to live during this time period.  Here is your "to-do" list to complete before you leave for Christmas Vacation!!  All links to questions and textbook can be found under the Assignments tab.

Turn in 25.1 Beginning of IndustrializationRead and Complete 25.2 IndustrializationRead and Compete 25.3 Industrialization SpreadsRead and Complete 25.4 Reforming the Industrial WorldComplete Industrial Revolution TestWatch: Filthy Cities - Industrial New York